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The ABCs of Paradise Found

A woman and a man meet on the beach in the Caribbean. That chance encounter turns into a journey of self discovery, relationship building and island exploration.

Accompanied by beautifully rendered watercolour paintings, there will be stunning visual details to consider. Deep sea dives. Primordial rainforests. Night witches. Dawn carnivals.

He learns about the ingredients in a national dish and where runaway slaves hid.
She learns he has a scar and a wicked smile.

But what you won't learn are their names. Or ages. Countries of origin. Physical descriptions.
Professions. Past lives. Political leanings.

There will be no interruptions by work deadlines, smart phones, insistent technologies and other inconsolable distractions.

The woman wonders at one point "Where is this going?" and we are grateful that we are along for the ride.

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